Ex-Para re-enacts D-Day para drop 70 years on

Gives you hope for your own old age – D-Day parachute jump: 89-year-old perfects Normandy landing (Telegraph).

An 89-year-old D-Day veteran wound the clock back 70 years on Thursday by parachuting into the same field where he landed during the Normandy invasion.
Jock Hutton, 89, said it was “no problem” to jump from 5,000 feet strapped to a member of the Red Devils parachute display team, landing just 30ft from the watching Prince of Wales.
After brushing himself down and putting on his Parachute Regiment beret to go with his borrowed Red Devils jumpsuit, he joked: “At my age life tends to get a little but boring, so you’ve got to grab any chance of excitement you can.”

D-Day parachute jump: 89-year-old perfects Normandy landing - Telegraph

Dangling from a parachute emblazoned with the logo of the charity Help For Heroes today, Mr Hutton jumped from ten times the height he did on D-Day. In 1944 he jumped from just 500ft.
He and his tandem partner made a perfect landing, before gently toppling backwards as they tried to get their balance.