5 years of Dublinbikes

Latest statistics:

Current number of stations: 100
Current number of bikes: 1,500
Long-term members 46,695
Short-term members (YTD) 9,395
Journeys in 2014 1,760,832
Total journeys 7,951,866
Percentage of free journeys 95%
Average journey time 20 minutes
Journeys on busiest day 13,614 on 4th September 2014

Number of journeys taken after:

One year 1,101,877
Two years 2,529,693
Three years 4,032,750
Four years 5,290,073
Five years 7,951,866

Jim Keogan, executive manager in Dublin City Council’s planning and development department said “The scheme is one of the most popular and successful public bike hire schemes in the world. The expansion has made it easier to meet demand to get a bike and means it now covers a bigger part of the city. Long term membership has increased by about 45% this year which shows that demand is growing all the time.”

Happy 5th Birthday Dublinbikes