Videogram: An SDCC “high quality cycle route”

SDCC call this a ‘high quality cycle route’ (see, I wouldn’t.
It is segregated, so that’s a plus where a lot of cycle routes are just a bit of paint if they’re there at all. On the other hand, it’s a poor surface, it looks like footpath standard rather than something that should be nearer road standard, which makes everything very bumpy and discourages cyclists who are moving faster than walking pace. Also, the junctions are not very well handled, and the path abruptly vanishes when we get to a bus stop. This is irritating, and causes cyclists to simply use the footpath instead.

To see what really good infrastructure looks like, see and

If this is what cuts it for ‘high quality’ in the SDCC area, it doesn’t bode well for the new tracks being planned.