VICE Interview with Corbyn & McDonnell from April, 2015

An interesting VICE UK interview with Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell from April of this year. Especially now, in the light of current events:

The opportunity to have a real impact arguably vindicates their continued membership of a party that they have been politically at odds with since its “modernisation” and move to the right under Blair 1990s. Today’s young radicals are relatively unlikely to join the Labour Party. I asked if they’d be in a hurry to join Labour themselves if they were new to left-wing politics.”I think you can see why not, people are pissed off at the Labour Party, especially young people,” said McDonnell.Corbyn too didn’t rush to sign me up, “Get involved in campaigns, in a union, with peace movement, get involved with Occupy & UK Uncut”, he said, before adding, finally, “and also be in a political party.”


After the 7th of May, we may be hearing a lot more from the likes of McDonnell and Corbyn.