Creators of the ‘Amen Break’ get a break

Nice thing to do: for the creators of one of the most sampled ‘break beats’ in history

This past February, a UK-based music fan named Martyn Webster created “The Winstons Amen Breakbeat Gesture,” a GoFundMe campaign established to repay the group for their lasting contribution to music. Webster began the fundraiser after watching a brief BBC/1Xtra interview with the band’s lead singer and saxophone player Richard Spencer in 2011, where the musician stated he was exasperated by the lack of compensation he had received for the countless samples of the song. Following the campaign’s successful completion this past Spring, Webster transferred €24,000 in donations to Spencer

This documentary by Nate Harrison is well worth listening to for the background on the ‘Amen Break’: The world’s most important 6 second drum loop