Green Party backs fiscal council’s lower spending limits


“We we are with the Fiscal Advisory Council,” Mr Ryan told a press conference this morning.“Fine Gael is not taking into account pay rises and social welfare.
“Political parties cannot say they are not going to accommodate pay increases or social welfare increases. The IFAC has set out of a framework that is the prudent one to follow.”

Mr Ryan said the Greens would not lower the universal social charge until it was shown that the increase in revenue of corporation taxes was not cyclical but more permanent.

The party leader also criticised other parties for ignoring the issue of climate change which he said would be a central plank of its manifesto.

“I have not heard a work spoken in the airwaves on climate change as if nothing happened in Paris last December. It is the big economic issue of the day.”

But will it win votes? I’d like to think so, that maybe, after so much auction politics from FF and FG.