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Labour Benefits: Poor

Hmmm, good if you’re expecting, bad if you’re sick or laid off:

Ireland offers the second longest maternity leave in Europe but comes last in terms of pay entitlements, according to a new survey.According to the study, which covers 15 European countries and also the United States, Ireland comes second behind the United Kingdom in terms of total maternity leave allowed with mothers able to take 42 weeks out, 26 of which are paid. This compares with 52 weeks of total leave in the UK and a mandated minimum of just 14 weeks in Germany and Sweden. The US currently has no mandated paid maternity leave.The research conducted on behalf of the careers website Glassdoor, reveals Ireland is the worst country in Europe overall for labour market benefits such as paid sick leave and unemployment cover.

Also, bad (but about to get better) for Paternity leave, but Ireland was “among the worst ranked countries in terms of annual leave and while not in last place came way behind most other European countries in terms of public holidays.”

Ireland also ranked second lowest, just ahead of the UK for unemployment benefit.

“The study concluded Denmark, France and Spain provide the most generous overall labour market social benefits while Ireland, Switzerland and the UK provide the least.”