“And if you lose one game on the trot you’re sacked.”

More managerial merry-go-rounds, this time over at the English national team, where Sam Allardyce recently resigned. Daniel Taylor has what looks like a fairly even handed overview of the latest manager to go through the turnstile:

Sam Allardyce has certainly excelled himself being the man who managed it after one match, one victory and the grand total of 67 days in office.

He is a clot, that’s for sure. If you have followed Allardyce’s career, the infamous Panorama documentary and the chequered past of his agent, Mark Curtis, it is not any surprise the man the FA appointed in July was ripe for a newspaper sting. It is unusual, perhaps, that it is the Daily Telegraph having a go at playing the Fake Sheikh and there are parts of its coverage that, to be blunt, are questionable, to say the least. Yet there is no doubt about it: Allardyce has caused his employer an extreme form of embarrassment. He had his chance, he blew it and one of the most arrogant men in the business will have a long time to mull over what he should have done differently.

Whether that means he deserved to lose his job is another matter entirely and, even as a non-Allardyce fan, having questioned his relationship with Curtis more than once, it is still not entirely straightforward understanding what the FA has seen in those secretly taped recordings to warrant the guillotine