Windows 10 Shutown?

So, today I learned that Windows 10 doesn’t really shutdown when you tell it to. It’s a feature called ‘fastboot’, and apparently what it does is log users off, and then do a hibernate like stop. Which means that your next boot is fast, a neat feature.

I noticed this because the uptime reported in Task Manager was showing something like 20 days even though I’d shutdown the machine. I don’t often shutdown, but it was chewing a lot of CPU and looked like it needed a good old reboot. So I was confused when the uptime didn’t go to zero, and the problems seemed to get worse! A quick chat with google brought me to this command:

shutdown /s /t 0

Which shutsdown the machine with no time delay.

And after a slower reboot than usual (so fastboot is a thing that works), my machine is really rebooted and also running much better. A handy one to remember when I need to fully shutdown every couple of weeks or so.