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Unintended consequences – renters & water charge deposits?

Renters face €1k water charge deposits | Irish Examiner:

In a statement last night, the landlords’ group said that, despite Government claims that property owners could take unpaid water charge fees out of a tenant’s rent deposit, existing legislation prevents this. The association stressed this would be “a blatant contravention of tenancy and letting agreements which legally specify that deposit retention can only be for rent arrears of damage” to a building.

Repeating their refusal to take responsibility for tenants’ non-rent bills, the interest group said the plan is deeply flawed. It warned if the plan is not removed they will be forced to impose a second deposit on new tenants to ensure the bills are covered — which could potentially cost an extra €1,000 per home

Why is water linked to property, when all other services are not? Can this get any messier?