Brexit Europe

“Welcome to Brexit”

Here’s the Brexit cake you ordered, now you’ve got to eat it. At a lunch with EU ambassadors on Wednesday, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen is understood to have given a frosty response to the volley of complaints from UK businesses about how difficult it all is, especially the rules […]

Government Health

You could fuel the health system instead

In November 2018, former defence secretary Gavin Williamson introduced a zero tolerance approach for drug use, saying it was the only way to ensure excellence was maintained as he highlighted that the purchase of illicit substances fuelled organised crime. via Instead of powering organised crime, you could tax it, and fuel the health system.


Define ‘Bread’

The other week, the Supreme Court rejected an argument put forward by Subway that their rolls are bread and are therefore zero rated for VAT purposes. The court ruled that the rolls are not, in fact, bread. As the Guardian reports: The ruling followed an appeal by Bookfinders Ltd, Subway’s Irish franchisee. The company had […]


Brexit Banking

Hmmm: Financial services in the UK can currently trade across the European Economic Area (EEA) because member countries are bound by the same regulatory framework. The arrangement, known as “passporting”, expires at the end of the year and, while the UK has legislated so that EU banks can continue to provide services for customers in […]