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John Major Warns….

Boris about Scotland. Another entry in my John Major Warns series (a whopping four entries long now!), a grey Famous Five collection. Delaying a second vote on Scottish independence may be “unwise”, former UK prime minister John Major said – as he warned a “hardline” refusal to allow another vote on the matter for a […]

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John Major Warns …

… that Brexit “may be more brutal than anyone expected“. Sir John Major said the government’s “negotiating failure” will cost the public dearly, as he blamed the UK’s “blustering”, “threats” and “inflexibility” that he said will make future trading “less profitable”. The pre-recorded speech at Middle Temple also included Sir John’s stark claim that Britain […]

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Sterling Drop

And shortly after Theresa May sets a deadline for article 50, sterling continues it’s decline. It’s been lower before of course, but that was the time the world economy nearly burned to the ground. In related news, I’m holding off on any amazon.co.uk purchases to let them get cheaper.