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Belgium Advances!

Quirky news of the day: A local amateur historian taking a walk in forest near to the Belgian village of Erquelinnes discovered two weeks ago that the stone dating back to 1819 had been moved 2.29 metres (7.5ft). The farmer’s perimeter fence had also been shifted. The Franco-Belgian border, stretching 390 miles (620km), was formally […]

Brexit Europe

“Welcome to Brexit”

Here’s the Brexit cake you ordered, now you’ve got to eat it. At a lunch with EU ambassadors on Wednesday, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen is understood to have given a frosty response to the volley of complaints from UK businesses about how difficult it all is, especially the rules […]

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Sterling Drop

And shortly after Theresa May sets a deadline for article 50, sterling continues it’s decline. It’s been lower before of course, but that was the time the world economy nearly burned to the ground. In related news, I’m holding off on any purchases to let them get cheaper.