American Chocolate

Well, I have wondered, via The Guardian: There are a few things that routinely keep me up at night: the futility of life, the inevitability of death, and the mystery of why the US’s chocolate is so disgusting. Readers who have had the misfortune to encounter a Hershey bar will know exactly what I’m talking […]

Arts Oddities

Exhibition of Unusable Objects

A collection of failures, flops and surrealist design curated by Sylvie Sauvignet is opening virtually in Saint Etienne. From a wavy ping pong table to a watering can that waters itself, some of these items are wonderfully absurd, and some are flawed designs that just didn’t work (like the Delorean). The exhibition has dedicated a […]


Just Askin’

Good stuff from Donald Clarke in the IT: Somebody is always “just asking a question” about immigration, alien visitation or the “truth” behind 9/11. Back in 2009, the good people at South Park satirised the technique in an episode called Dances with Smurfs. “Because I’m brave enough to ask questions, I come under scrutinies,” the […]