Arts Oddities

Exhibition of Unusable Objects

A collection of failures, flops and surrealist design curated by Sylvie Sauvignet is opening virtually in Saint Etienne. From a wavy ping pong table to a watering can that waters itself, some of these items are wonderfully absurd, and some are flawed designs that just didn’t work (like the Delorean).

The exhibition has dedicated a section to the work of the Dadaist illustrator Jacques Carelman and his impossible objects.

These funny and absurd bits and bobs are devoid of any real purpose, opting instead to evoke laughter and stimulate the imagination.

“To speak about failure is a serious topic. To fail, to flop – we usually don’t like it and avoid talking about it. So we decided to approach this topic with a lot of humour in this exhibition. We decided to de-dramatise failure” Sauvignet says.

“Because failure is necessary, it allows us to learn. Mistakes are priceless for creation or innovation, be it in design or other areas.”

via Euronews