Arts Oddities

Exhibition of Unusable Objects

A collection of failures, flops and surrealist design curated by Sylvie Sauvignet is opening virtually in Saint Etienne. From a wavy ping pong table to a watering can that waters itself, some of these items are wonderfully absurd, and some are flawed designs that just didn’t work (like the Delorean). The exhibition has dedicated a […]

Arts Sounds

For Tomorrow

The previous post reminds me of this, for obvious reasons: “Jim stops and gets out the carGoes to a house in Emperor’s GateThrough the door and to his roomThen he puts the TV onTurns it off and makes some teaSays, “Modern life, well, it’s rubbish”I’m holding on for tomorrow”


New Music Friday

It’s been ages since I posted some music on Fridays, so here we go with Rob Zombie’s latest from his upcoming album ‘The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy”. Rob really does do awesome album names. I’ve also been giving this a go, there’s some absolute banging tunes here. Ideal for a Friday afternoon when […]