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Shirley Manson Interview in the Guardian

Always been an Garbage fan since forever. Shirley did a Q&A with the Guardian, worth reading in full. Sample:

How much sexism did you face as a rising female rock star in the 90s? Is it better now or is it still too depressing to ponder? StupidGrrrl

The outrageous way I was spoken to or about in my career – and still am – continues to amaze me. While we were promoting our last record [2021’s No Gods No Masters] one journalist suggested I needed to go on medication because I’d spoken about sexism, misogyny and climate change. Two different journalists – male and female – asked if I was thinking of retirement. I was 54 then. I’m in a band with people considerably older and they would not endure those kind of questions.

This is brilliant:

In an old interview, you admitted to doing something terribly awful and embarrassing when you were about 18. Could you share what you did? Benth24

I took a crap on a cheating boyfriend’s breakfast cereal. I’m not ashamed; I’m rather proud of it. A dear friend did similar when she discovered her girlfriend was cheating and said: “While I was doing it, I thought of you.” I recommend it as an act of revenge. It leaves you feeling empowered and gleeful.