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Must do tours: 1920’s Berlin Today

This looks very enjoyable – Beautiful, decadent, damaged: a walk back in time through roaring 20s Berlin

The Weimar Republic – a democracy imposed on Germany from 1918 to 1933 as part of the Versailles treaty – is regarded as an incredibly innovative time for science, politics, culture and medicine. An entire generation – their understanding of the world upended by the horrors of the first world war – found new forms of expression to challenge and question the old world order. This ranged from the Dada art movement, via expressionist cinema, psychology, and then to Germany’s most famous contribution to the visual identity of the roaring 20s, Bauhaus. While the Berlin Bauhaus museum is currently closed for a major renovation, the temporary Bauhaus archive – situated in the listed Haus Hardenberg, built in the mid-50s but owing a heavy debt to the utilitarianism and experimentation of the initial school – offers a condensed guide to this movement through an immersive interactive exhibition. I stand in a dark space surrounded by moving images on giant screens, as a pad allows me to virtually select items from the collection by category, artist or even a colour wheel. It’s a suitably abstract experience.