50 Years since Apollo 13 – Lessons in leadership and planning

https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/feb/29/apollo-13-how-teamwork-and-tenacity-turned-disaster-into-triumph In approaching this crisis, their delegation of authority and deference to expertise is almost total. In the face of high-stakes scenarios, it is tempting to wrest control from more junior colleagues. But in 1970 the approach of mission control was quite different. They empowered their most junior team members, giving them total ownership of […]


Chris Cornell, Dead at 52

Fuck. I was only talking about him yesterday with a friend who’d recently gotten me into Audioslave. Chris Cornell, the lead singer of American hard rock bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, has died aged 52. The medical examiner confirmed Cornell’s death was suicide. Chris Cornell: rock star who kicked down the boundaries of sound Alexis Petridis […]


Chuck Berry, Dead at 90

The father of Rock’n’Roll is no more.  Chuck Berry passed away peacefully at his home yesterday.  Charles Edward Anderson Berry, better known as Chuck Berry, was born into a middle-class African-American family in St Louis, Missouri. He first rose to fame in the 1950s with songs such as “Maybellene” and “Rock and Roll Music”. In […]


Billy Barr

Curious story of a hermit who lives up Gothic Mountain in the Rockies, alone. A case of the right person in the right place – Billy was a college trained environmental scientist – his notebooks of snow levels, flowering times and animal appearances have become a treasure trove for scientists studying the impact of climate […]


Rick Parfitt, Dead at 68

Rick Parfitt, the archytypal rocker and Status Quo guitarist, died on the 27th from a sudden infection. IN A WORLD FULL of affectation, Rick Parfitt was a musician who enjoyed his status as a rock star, wearing it with good grace and a broad grin. The partnership he formed with fellow Telecaster-wielding guitarist and frontman […]


Fidel Castro, dead at 90

One of the world’s most famous revolutionaries, Fidel Castrohas died, aged 90. Castro’s younger brother, Raúl, who assumed the presidency of Cuba in 2006 after Fidel suffered a near-fatal intestinal ailment, announced the revolutionary leader’s death on television on Friday night. “With profound sadness I am appearing to inform our people and our friends across […]