Nokia: Connecting Astronauts

RTE reports that Nokia have been selected to build the first mobile network on the Moon. Not sure if your roaming package covers that one yet. The lunar network will be part of the US space agency’s efforts to return humans to the moon by 2024 and build long-term settlements there under its Artemis programme.  […]


Volcanoes On Venus (Possibly)

Scientists have identified 37 volcanic structures on Venus that appear to have been recently active – and probably still are today – painting the picture of a geologically dynamic planet and not a dormant world as long thought. The research focused on ring-like structures called coronae, caused by an upwelling of hot rock from deep […]


50 Years since Apollo 13 – Lessons in leadership and planning In approaching this crisis, their delegation of authority and deference to expertise is almost total. In the face of high-stakes scenarios, it is tempting to wrest control from more junior colleagues. But in 1970 the approach of mission control was quite different. They empowered their most junior team members, giving them total ownership of […]


Interstellar Space

This is fascinating: IN THE BLACKNESS of space billions of miles from home, NASA’s Voyager 2 marked a milestone of exploration, becoming just the second spacecraft ever to enter interstellar space in November 2018. Now, a day before the anniversary of that celestial exit, scientists have revealed what Voyager 2 saw as it crossed the threshold—and […]


Nano-spacecraft: Alpha Centauri in 20 years?

Fascinating idea: Breakthrough Starshot’s spacecrafts, which they call “nanocrafts,” will be gram-scale computer chips that will include “cameras, photon thrusters, power supply, navigation and communication equipment,” Avi Loeb, a Harvard scientist involved in the operation, told reporters. A rocket would deliver a “mother ship” carrying a thousand or so of the nanocrafts into space. Once […]


APOD: 2015 October 2 – Charon: Moon of Pluto

A darkened and mysterious north polar region informally known as Mordor Macula caps this premier high-resolution portrait of Charon, Pluto’s largest moon. Captured by New Horizons near its closest approach on July 14, the image data was transmitted to Earth on September 21. Always wondered what Pluto and Charon looked like, incredible to actually see […]


Looking back on Sunlit Pluto

Wow: The latest images from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft have scientists stunned – not only for their breathtaking views of Pluto’s majestic icy mountains, streams of frozen nitrogen and haunting low-lying hazes, but also for their strangely familiar, arctic look. Source: Pluto ‘Wows’ in Spectacular New Backlit Panorama | NASA