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The Search for Planet 9

The hunt for a potential ‘Planet 9’ by Shannon Stirone over on Longreads is a fascinating story of dogged, patient detective work. Learning from each failure and persisting is the theme of this story set in the other worldly landscape on top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii. The Onizuka Center for International Astronomy, located at Hale […]

Psychology & The Mind Science!

“the conclusions of the SPE had been written in advance according to non-academic aims”

Why is this interesting? is well worth subscribing to. This edition is, as always, interesting. Several of the classic phycology experiments weren’t as scientific as you’d have hoped. This is part of a much broader story of a “replication crisis” in psychology: The challenge of being completely unable to reproduce the results from some of […]

Government Health Science!

It’s Working

Forty days into the national epidemic and the word from Prof Nolan, who chairs the large group of mathematicians modelling the course of the disease, is mixed. Yes, the impact of the very disruptive restrictions embraced by the public has been profound, but no, we are not there yet – the rate the virus is spreading […]

Science! Space

Interstellar Space

This is fascinating: IN THE BLACKNESS of space billions of miles from home, NASA’s Voyager 2 marked a milestone of exploration, becoming just the second spacecraft ever to enter interstellar space in November 2018. Now, a day before the anniversary of that celestial exit, scientists have revealed what Voyager 2 saw as it crossed the threshold—and […]

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Tardigrades  – new insights into their legendary toughness

These things fascinate me, they’re unbelievably tough: Tardigrades — also known as “water bears” — are microscopic animals that can live through almost anything: 30 years in a freezer, rapid dehydration, boiling and freezing temperatures, massive doses of radiation, baths in organic solvents, and a trip to open space. Today, scientists sequencing their genome have […]