Covid-19 Pandemic Food for Thought

Experts of the possible

Some public health experts argue it can be done, but the experts in carrying out that kind of thing, the politicians, believe it cannot. Easily forgotten, but that’s a good definition of what a politician is: an expert in what’s possible to do, which may not be what a health expert says we should […]

Fun & Games Psychology & The Mind

Doing something you enjoy is good for your mental health

Surprise: Playing video games can be good for your mental health, a study from Oxford University has suggested, following a breakthrough collaboration in which academics at the university worked with actual gameplay data for the first time. The study, which focused on players of Nintendo’s springtime craze Animal Crossing, as well as EA’s shooter Plants vs. […]

Government Health

You could fuel the health system instead

In November 2018, former defence secretary Gavin Williamson introduced a zero tolerance approach for drug use, saying it was the only way to ensure excellence was maintained as he highlighted that the purchase of illicit substances fuelled organised crime. via Instead of powering organised crime, you could tax it, and fuel the health system.

Food for Thought Health

Walking and Thinking

I don’t know why walking is so conducive to letting your brain think. Maybe it’s to do with the blood flow, or like the way sticking your tongue out helps you concentrate, the steady, regular steps allow your mind to delegate body control to some unconscious subroutine, freeing your conscious mind up to really focus. […]