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“the conclusions of the SPE had been written in advance according to non-academic aims”

Why is this interesting? is well worth subscribing to. This edition is, as always, interesting. Several of the classic phycology experiments weren’t as scientific as you’d have hoped. This is part of a much broader story of a “replication crisis” in psychology: The challenge of being completely unable to reproduce the results from some of […]

Covid-19 Pandemic Food for Thought

Experts of the possible

Some public health experts argue it can be done, but the experts in carrying out that kind of thing, the politicians, believe it cannot. Easily forgotten, but that’s a good definition of what a politician is: an expert in what’s possible to do, which may not be what a health expert says we should […]

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Doing something you enjoy is good for your mental health

Surprise: Playing video games can be good for your mental health, a study from Oxford University has suggested, following a breakthrough collaboration in which academics at the university worked with actual gameplay data for the first time. The study, which focused on players of Nintendo’s springtime craze Animal Crossing, as well as EA’s shooter Plants vs. […]