Painful Work

Working on something that you don’t quite fully understand, don’t have the time before delivery date to get to understand, yet need to implement as if you understand is really painful. It actually gets me down. It’s painful work. It often arises as a result of being unable to complete some other task that you […]


The privilege of being clutter free

Don’t pack too light: A few weeks into coronavirus quarantine, a reader who had cleaned out his home according to the decluttering guru Marie Kondo’s ultra-popular KonMari method emailed me to ask if I had heard from anyone else who was regretting that move. He’d been happy with the results until the country’s circumstances had abruptly changed, […]


That’s a Camera

“she was smitten with the Polaroid’s power to render a painting-size image so rapidly that she and her subject could watch the likeness materialize together before their eyes. “I was in love,” she said.”


“For The Love Of Morticia”

This is great. Now let me tell you a somethin’ about being an Addams. They are as thick as thieves and they protect each other to the end. Their burdens aren’t unilateral. Morticia and Gomez share parenting responsibilities. They attend parent-teacher nights together. They sit through a lame school play. They rally in a time […]


Enoch Powell did such harm to this country. When he did his Rivers of Blood speech in 1968 everything changed. I went from being “Lettsy” in the playground to “that black bastard” and “golliwog” overnight. And, thanks to Brexit, it’s happening again. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. I still believe in the power of music and culture […]