Government Health Science!

It’s Working

Forty days into the national epidemic and the word from Prof Nolan, who chairs the large group of mathematicians modelling the course of the disease, is mixed.

Yes, the impact of the very disruptive restrictions embraced by the public has been profound, but no, we are not there yet – the rate the virus is spreading has been cut by three-quarters, but it needs to be driven down even further.

For that, Prof Nolan of Maynooth University said, very strong social distancing measures were going to be needed for a very long period of time.

According to the mathematicians, Ireland was originally headed for a peak of 100,000 Covid-19 infections per day.

Now thanks to the actions of citizens, confirmed infections are running at just 500 per day and an enormous amount of sickness and death has so far been prevented.

“100,000 per day”, that’s one scary model.