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John Major Warns …

… that Brexit “may be more brutal than anyone expected“.

Sir John Major said the government’s “negotiating failure” will cost the public dearly, as he blamed the UK’s “blustering”, “threats” and “inflexibility” that he said will make future trading “less profitable”.

The pre-recorded speech at Middle Temple also included Sir John’s stark claim that Britain is “no longer a great power” and “will never be so again”.

“In a world of nearly 8 billion people, well under 1 per cent are British.

“We are a top second-rank power but, over the next half century – however well we perform – our small size and population makes it likely we will be passed by the growth of other, far larger, countries.”

John Major performing well in his role as Elder Statesman and Senior Flag Waver of the UK Conservative establishment. The first bit is unsurprising, but it’s the second quote here that’s more interesting, and really flies in the face of the current incumbent’s claims. It won’t have much impact on Boris, it’s more that coming from Major indicates a certain establishment seriousness about it.

My opinion? He’s right. Those days are long gone. I’d say it’s one of the many reasons France, Germany, Spain, Italy and other ex-powers are sticking together in the E.U. It gives them weight they’d never have alone (and arguably in Germany’s case, never had in the way of Empire – France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands all had world power status for long periods), and they possibly have less illusions on this score.

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