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Too poor for love

The BBC are have reported that a South African man is to be deported, as his wife isn’t earning enough.

under rules introduced in 2012, British citizens who want to bring a foreign spouse to the UK must earn £18,600 a year and a further £3,800 – a total of £22,400 – if the couple have a child.

Mrs Engel’s business made £19,786 in 2014 which was deemed not enough by the tribunal panel, which met on 3 December.

She said the decision made her feel like her family was being “kicked out” of the country.

She said: “I’m gobsmacked, lost for words, angry and deflated. I’m not so proud to be British right now.”

But Judge Michael Wilson, who heard the appeal, said UK taxpayers “should not be expected to have to financially support the appellant in the event of him not obtaining work”.

The couple are now awaiting a deportation date.

Only the rich can love.