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Read: The God Squad

The God Squad is the remarkable true story of a survivor, told with an extraordinary lack of bitterness for one so shockingly and shamefully treated. In Paddy Doyle’s own words: ‘It is about a society’s abdication of responsibility to a child. The fact that I was that child, and that the book is about my […]

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Surviving Autocracy

Marsha Gessen wrote a set of six rules for surviving an autocracy back in November 2016 ( ). Well worth a revisit in light of recent events, they’ve stood the test of the last few months anyway. Sample: I have lived in autocracies most of my life, and have spent much of my career writing about […]

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Something often forgotten: Jesus too was an asylum seeker

mostlysignssomeportents: Across the rich world, this decade has seen the rise of increasingly fierce anti-immigrant sentiment, much of it from self-identified Christians – as you recount the Christmas story this year, remember that Mary and Joseph fled religious persecution and sought asylum in a rich country, which took them in. As Woody Guthrie sang: “If […]