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Something often forgotten: Jesus too was an asylum seeker

mostlysignssomeportents: Across the rich world, this decade has seen the rise of increasingly fierce anti-immigrant sentiment, much of it from self-identified Christians – as you recount the Christmas story this year, remember that Mary and Joseph fled religious persecution and sought asylum in a rich country, which took them in. As Woody Guthrie sang: “If […]

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Glacial change

Only a country as restrictive as Saudi Arabia could come up with such a thing as a progressive move. Female divorcees and widows in Saudi Arabia are to be assigned ID cards allowing them to act independently from men, local media reported on Thursday. The changes will allow women to register a child for school, […]

Cycling Middle East


It takes some inner strength to battle against both social pressure not to cycle due to your sex and against a cycle-unfriendly environment: Yasmine Mahmoud cuts a defiant figure as she weaves her bicycle through the chaotic streets of Cairo, a place where few women dare to pedal. Every day, like for the past four […]