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Archdeacon: ‘No’ referendum posters are homophobic

‘No’ posters in the same-sex marriage referendum campaign which say every child should have a mother and a father are homophobic, a senior Church of Ireland figure said at its General Synod in Armagh.


Speaking as “a strong supporter of the Yes campaign” he admitted “it is not easy for me to be here today because my wife died on Sunday.”He continued: “We would have been 50 years married on 4th September. My personal grief today is the measure of what those 50 years have meant in terms of a loving relationship that has found expression in our shared lives and the privilege we enjoyed as a married couple recognised and supported by society.“What this referendum is about is allowing those with a different sexual orientation to us to enjoy what we heterosexuals take for granted. I am here today because Helen would want me to be here and to speak for both of us.”

Via: The Irish Times