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4th of July, 2010

Five years ago I was over in Harrisburg, PA on an extended business trip. The best part was that I got the chance to spend 4th July there, in the company of two friends from work. One of them lived there and her family were over from Ireland, so she gathered us together with her family & friends for a celebration. Contrary to our wishes, we’d been called into the office that weekend, so by Sunday evening we were fairly in the mood to a party. Two of us were staying at a hotel on 2nd St, so we patronized a local cab for the mile-and-a-half trip to our friends place. Walkable in Dublin, but not in a cracking-the-pavement 40C.

We alternated between the kitchen and garden, trying to decide which was cooler, but as the night descended, so did the temperatures, much to our relief. Most usefully, our friend had recently upgraded to that most American of inventions – a fridge that produces ice cubes on demand. A most welcome gimmick that night!

Later on, we all headed down to the riverside to watch the official fireworks, and got a really great view. It was a beautiful evening, hot but not stifling, clear skies and a gentle breeze waving in off the Susquehanna river. The riverbank is nicely maintained and was gently crowded with local ‘burgers for the show.

It was a good display, booming and flashing out over the river. After it came to a close, we wandered back to the house, were, as you do when Irish abroad, we upheld our national alcohol consumption statistics. All in order to properly celebrate the 4th, of course. Good times with good people.

Happy 4th July!