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Eurosceptics of the Left

Has the EU been captured by the ECB, and is the financial sector, those most serious of people, now costing the EU it’s left-wing, socialist support?

Yet the eurozone has become a scene of class war, and only Syriza has been bold enough to fight it almost full on. Even if Mr Tsipras and his comrades are thrown out this week, 5 July will be one of those great moments in socialist history, celebrated in song and story, and used to inspire future generations. It might give birth to some latterday Keynes — Yanis Varoufakis, perhaps, now that he has no job — composing ‘The Economic Consequences of the Euro’. Most Euroscepticism in recent years has been dominated by the right. Rather galling that a government of the left has been the first to throw down the gauntlet.

Source: Left-wing Eurosceptics are finally starting to reveal themselves – Spectator Blogs