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“That is me on the beach. That’s you.”

When photographer John Stanmeyer first saw the viral picture of the drowned Syrian toddler who washed up on a Turkish shore, his reaction was probably just like yours. “I happen to be a photographer multiple levels after just being a human,” says Stanmeyer, a National Geographic contributor who has been covering the Syrian refugee crisis and who has covered humanitarian disasters for decades. “I see myself there. I see my own children there.”

But Stanmeyer says the world needs to see images of the refugee crisis, which shows no sign of abating. An estimated 13.9 million people were displaced last year due to conflict such as the war in Syria, persecution and poverty, according to the United Nations. “We have to be repulsed and angered so that we each collectivity stand up and turn the wheel of change,” says Stanmeyer

Source: Will Photo of Drowned Syrian Boy Be a Turning Point?