Loosening the belt won’t cure the problem

Somebody gets it:

More roads equal more traffic
And why do more roads equal more traffic? It’s what economists called “induced demand” – this is where if you increase supply, the desire to use this supply increases too.

Essentially, people like moving around. They have to do so for work and they are keen to do so too for things like shopping and socialising. And, according to the findings, if you give them an opportunity to use the roads more, they will fill them.

The professors even say there is no evidence to support what would seem like the common sense view that if you improve the supply, quality and price of public transport, less people will use their cars.

In short, if you build the roads, the cars will follow.

Source: Think the M7 widening project will ease Kildare’s traffic? Don’t believe the hype – Leinster Leader