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“For The Love Of Morticia”

This is great.

Now let me tell you a somethin’ about being an Addams. They are as thick as thieves and they protect each other to the end. Their burdens aren’t unilateral. Morticia and Gomez share parenting responsibilities. They attend parent-teacher nights together. They sit through a lame school play.

They rally in a time of crisis, like when they couldn’t find Wednesday after a party: “Fan out. Pugsley, head for the dung heap. Mama and Morticia, the shallow graves. I’ll take the abyss. Lurch, check out the bottomless pit.” They take time for their shared interests and personal ones.

Parenting Style 

In contrast to 21st century helicopter parenting, Morticia’s style is more hands-off. She encourages independence. She allows Wednesday and Pugsley to play with sharp objects and explosives unattended.

However, her laissez-faire child-rearing sensibilities do not mean she isn’t an engaged parent. She’s supportive and respectful of her children’s interests even when she doesn’t understand them, like when they allegedly wanted to go to summer camp.