Journalling Life

Painful Work

Working on something that you don’t quite fully understand, don’t have the time before delivery date to get to understand, yet need to implement as if you understand is really painful. It actually gets me down.

It’s painful work.

It often arises as a result of being unable to complete some other task that you were trying to achieve, and you have to take this detour around a blockage through a land you don’t really have a map for. So you end up diverted, distracted and it can become really hard to keep yourself motivated.

I don’t have any magic tricks to avoid this. It’s something you have to learn to handle, or work out how to get through as fast as possible. The trick is not to let it get you down, and if anyone has learned how that trick works then please pop it on the back of a postcard to the usual address!

Meanwhile, headphones on, head down and keep shovelling this shit until it’s gone.