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ESQ: How did you come up with the idea for this?

CK: It was one of those shower ideas that I know Andy Kaufman or David Letterman would have—to repeat something until it gets annoying and just keep going until it gets funny again. The idea was for it to be a sitcom intro that doesn’t stop and keeps adding characters. I knew we had these infomercial slots for 11 minutes and I called up the folks at Adult Swim. They said, “I don’t know if even Andy Kaufman could get away with doing that for 11 minutes,” so I started laying on all of these other things happening.

ESQ: So where did the serial killer idea come from?

CK: My editor Paul Painter and I came up with that. I had this idea and the production window came up, so we had three days to shoot it. Everything was going to be set around the credits and show opens of all these ’80s sitcoms. We wanted to create this chirpy sitcom world with a man who would try to fight the cheerfulness at all costs.

Via Esquire.