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Slow Clap of the Day: Delivery firms refuse to use new postcode system

Oh, fantastic – ‘Delivery firms refuse to use new postcode system’.

The introduction of Ireland’s new postcode service will be as problematic as Irish Water, some of the country’s biggest transport delivery firms confirmed.

The Freight Transport Association of Ireland said the planned new Eircode service would be “useless” to its members.


The randomly-generated codes that will be allocated to postal addresses will not show when two addresses are adjacent, meaning the system offers no assistance to businesses in planning the most efficient delivery routes when transporting goods to several locations.

Tom Carr of Palletxpress said there was no consultation with the freight industry ahead of Eircode’s launch, and the system was of no use to the industry in its current state.

“There is no use for us whatsoever. We simply wouldn’t use this system if it was imposed upon us. We would have to go and get another system to actually cater for our business,” he said.

“I do understand the boxes have been ticked for a number of businesses across the country, but it is certainly not ticking the box for the transport and logistics industry. It’s not as if we can even come and debate the issue here, it is simply of no use to our industry,” Mr Carr said.

Slow Clap

Congratulations on your success. What is the point of such a system unless it’s useful to the transport industry?