Less Employment, More Crime

Here’s some very interesting research into crime levels from Enda Hargaden, University of Michigan : He found crime levels rose and fell in tandem with employment in any given area. The relationship was particularly strong for theft and burglary but less so for violent crime. The number of sex offences in a particular location was […]

Politics Society

The unselfish vote

Interesting: How does this affect peoples’ likelihood to go to the ballot box? We were totally unprepared for the results, which may point the way to new strategies to encourage people to vote: particularly people for whom social and environmental issues are important: Voting is as strongly related to peoples’ perception of what other Brits […]


APOD: 2015 October 2 – Charon: Moon of Pluto

A darkened and mysterious north polar region informally known as Mordor Macula caps this premier high-resolution portrait of Charon, Pluto’s largest moon. Captured by New Horizons near its closest approach on July 14, the image data was transmitted to Earth on September 21. Always wondered what Pluto and Charon looked like, incredible to actually see […]