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Direct Provision: A report recommends…

There’s nothing that can be done without a report drawn up first, and of course, there’s nothing done once it’s written either, it’ll be ‘under consideration’, ‘in committee’, ‘awaiting review’, ‘we don’t have the budget’.. take your pick. Let’s see what happens when this one lands. (I always live in hope that I’m wrong)

Weekly welfare payments to asylum seekers should be more than doubled, a report on reform of the asylum system will recommend.

The report, by a working group established last year by the Department of Justice, is expected to be published at the end of the month.Four options on increasing the weekly allowance paid to asylum seekers have been considered by the working group. They currently receive €19.10 per week per adult and €9.60 per child.

The report will recommend these be increased to €38.74 per week for adults and €29.80 for children. This would bring the rates into line with supplementary welfare allowance rates when the fact asylum seekers in direct provision are provided with food and accommodation is taken into account.

Source: Asylum seeker payments should be more than doubled – report