Looking in the wrong place

The Dublin Cycling Campaign posted this earlier, pointing out the complete lack of #space4cycling in this image from twitter: 7 Cyclists beside bus. Not safe. @dublincycling @copenhagenize #freethecyclelanes — Paul corcoran (@Paulcorcoran10) June 29, 2015 Many of the replies on this thread were suggesting that the cyclists are wrong to be in that position. […]

Arts Films

Need to see: The Long Good Friday

I really need to see this now. The classic thriller predicted the rise of Thatcherism and the transformation of London’s Docklands into an area of unbridled commerce. For the re-release of the film, I revisited the streets where mobsters once ran wild. The reputation of The Long Good Friday rests on two things. The first […]

Cities for People Transport You Couldn't Make It Up

“City Bus Drivers Protest Vision Zero Law By Driving More Carefully”

No, it’s not the Onion or Waterford Whispers, or even the Donegal Dollop, yes, these NYC bus drivers are protesting that they are not being allowed to squish pedestrians (and, we can presume, other vulnerable road users) with impunity if they simply don’t see them, and they are protesting by being extra careful. Apparently, this […]


Are You An Expert?

Jeff Atwood is interesting as always, on being an expert: So what does it mean to be an expert, then, when expertise is perceived as impractical at best, and a liability at worst? In a recent Google talk, James Bach presented the quintessential postmodern image of an expert performing – Steve McQueen in The Towering […]

Department of Cruel and Unusual Rules Government Human Rights Reports

Direct Provision: A report recommends…

There’s nothing that can be done without a report drawn up first, and of course, there’s nothing done once it’s written either, it’ll be ‘under consideration’, ‘in committee’, ‘awaiting review’, ‘we don’t have the budget’.. take your pick. Let’s see what happens when this one lands. (I always live in hope that I’m wrong) Weekly […]