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Brexit Bubble

I’m quite concerned about the potential impact of a BREXIT, and have been avidly following events on Twitter. At some point you do need to pull yourself out of the Twitter bubble and take a reality hit. Today was the day I did that, and it’s also the day I realised that this isn’t an […]

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Normans Vs Anglo-Saxons

“What if columnists wrote about the U.K. the way they do about the Middle East?” asks Karl Sharro in The Atlantic. It’s quite well done, he elicits opinions from two ‘representative’ members of the ‘locale’ in question and draws a picture based on something that happened thousands of years previously, happily mixing in the local […]

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Brexit: Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon looks like the only person with a firm hand on the tiller in the UK, given the almost civil war within the Labour Party, the obviously divided and rudderless Conservatives, and the fact that Cameron is resigning. She’s the only one sounding calm, confident and more importantly the only one with what at […]