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Brexit Days 3 & 4

This ‘Brexit’ event is surely the greatest existential crisis for the UK since Suez back in 1956, which was the moment the UK realised it was no longer a global power, able to dictate events on the world stage alone.

Sunday was a day where the complete lack of direction from Westminster really started to show. Labour are now falling apart without even trying to perform opposition duties and are now involved in an internal civil war. The Conservatives don’t seem to know what to do, Boris and Gove have vanished, Osborne is not to be seen (outside of memes where he is popping mandies) and Cameron has gone silent. 

Which leaves Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland, looking organised and providing the kind of leadership that the UK needs right now. 

Monday brought a further chipping away at the UK economy, with further falls in the pound and share prices. We’ve been directly affected now thanks to share price drops affecting Irish companies. The weaker pound will affect our exports and Enterprise Ireland have announced a plan to reduce dependence on the UK market. Europe is pushing for the UK to ‘press the button’ on article 50 and get it over with. There’s glimpses of plans that are including #Brexit as an assumption, the world is moving on. 

Boris is equivocating, and the entire leave team seem to have denied any specifics of the campaign at all. 

Uncertainty everywhere. There’s a vacuum at the top, who’s going to fill it?