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Brexit Bubble

I’m quite concerned about the potential impact of a BREXIT, and have been avidly following events on Twitter. At some point you do need to pull yourself out of the Twitter bubble and take a reality hit. Today was the day I did that, and it’s also the day I realised that this isn’t an important event on Twitter, or just for political junkies and journos. 

Called over to the in-laws with the kids, and the conversation revolved around two things – family and BREXIT. Picked up the paper, the Irish Indo for a look. Front page news – BREXIT. Fair enough, it’s a big story, but then I scanned down and noticed a footer –  “Report, analysis & comment: Pages 2-21”. That’s almost the *entire* paper. I flicked through further: letters page – BREXIT, Motors section – BREXIT concerns, Business (well, you’d expect it here) – BREXIT. The only parts of the paper that didn’t mention it was the death notices and sports. 

So, yeah, this is a serious event. Incredibly so. We don’t know what the effects will be yet. That’s the most scary part too.

But I can rest assured I’m not in a wee Twitter bubble anyway.