Covid-19 Pandemic Food for Thought

Experts of the possible

Some public health experts argue it can be done, but the experts in carrying out that kind of thing, the politicians, believe it cannot. Easily forgotten, but that’s a good definition of what a politician is: an expert in what’s possible to do, which may not be what a health expert says we should […]

Brexit Europe

“Welcome to Brexit”

Here’s the Brexit cake you ordered, now you’ve got to eat it. At a lunch with EU ambassadors on Wednesday, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen is understood to have given a frosty response to the volley of complaints from UK businesses about how difficult it all is, especially the rules […]

Arts Sounds

For Tomorrow

The previous post reminds me of this, for obvious reasons: “Jim stops and gets out the carGoes to a house in Emperor’s GateThrough the door and to his roomThen he puts the TV onTurns it off and makes some teaSays, “Modern life, well, it’s rubbish”I’m holding on for tomorrow”

Big Business

CEO Value

How much more is a CEO worth than the rest of the workforce? Luke Hildyard, the director of the High Pay Centre, which campaigns for executive pay restraint, said: “Pay for top CEOs today is about 120 times that of the typical UK worker. Estimates suggest it was around 50 times at the turn of […]