Here, have this talisman to protect you from a ton of speeding metal. Totally works! You’d be mad not to wear it!

So, in the UK I see that the police are stopping Evesham cyclists to warn against dark clothing (via and handing out the old hi-viz. “In 2009, cycling charity CTC was critical of Hampshire Constabulary for stopping riders who were wearing dark clothing. A CTC spokesman said at that time: “It’s curious the police […]


Sell anyone on Vision Zero

The notion that 100 percent of traffic deaths are preventable is difficult for many of us (including me) to embrace. But as our local safety advocates kick off a campaign to make the concept state and local policy, this simple four-minute video by the state-funded Zero Fatalities Nevada is a powerful lesson for how to […]

People Photography

Jane Bown

Jane Bown’s obituary appeared in the Guardian before Christmas. I admit I hadn’t heard of her before, I sadly seem to discover some interesting people only when they’re dead. Like all the great photographers, she had her own style and technique of working, In stark contrast to her mostly male peers, Jane was supremely uninterested […]